2 Set Frothing Pitchers – 350ml + 600ml


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You can use it for frothing milk, measuring other liquids, or for serving cream and other beverages to your guests. If you want that creamy latte, hot coco or cappuccino with foam on top, this is these are the milk frothing pitchers for you. Its ergonomic design makes it possible for anyone to use. Measurements inside the rim make it super easy to measure liquids. The stainless steel material is also rust proof, so you can read the markings for years to come. The handle makes it easy to maneuver the pitcher around when frothing milk. Become a better coffee maker with the help of our handheld pitcher. Featuring a narrow spout that is perfect for pouring and for making cappuccino art. Use it as a milk warmer for heated / steamed milk or as a serving pot for cold milk. A perfect alternative for those who can’t stand the stove-top varieties! They also clean in seconds! Just run it under hot water with a a little soap or put it in the dishwasher. You will see it’s 100% clean. Consider buying multiple sets for friends, for travel and more!